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“This book is a “must” for those who want to approach the changing economic atmosphere of the 21st Century.  It is original and makes the point that market value alone does not determine our economic way of life, and this is forcefully brought home by this thoughtful and important volume.”

Ambassador Maxwell M. Rabb


“A journey of discovery in the uncharted waters of human perception. How we make choices, how and why we value things and people, this is something worth paying attention to, both personally and organizationally. We are asked to make a choice between decrepit economic models, and a more wholesome, more responsible, and more liberating vision of the world to come.”

Michele Scozzai, Journalist

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The Value Matrix by Guido George Lombardi (Feb 2003)


THE VALUE MATRIX is an interesting and informative read that offers great insight on the changing economy and needs of this century.”

Donald J. Trump


“In the middle of tons of superficial books about business, this is a reflective work that forces you to think hard and long outside of the usual model.”

Daniel Abraham, C.E.O. Slim-Fast Corporation

Liberta e Progresso Economico by Guido George Lombardi 


CODEX by Guido George Lombardi 

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Degerler Matrisi (The Value Matrix – Turkish Edition) By Guido George Lombardi


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