The end of fundamental islamists

The attack on the Muslim brothers HQ in Cairo Egypt by the hands of Egyptian moderate Muslims, angered by the lack of freedom imposed in the last year by the radicals, signs the beginning of the end for radical terrorists.
Turkey will also follow, and later on even Iran will fall in a civil conflict that will wipe out all radical clergy.
Remember who told you first.
Pass it on. ….. And if you can give a little push by lifting up the best values of our Judeo-Christian tradition. God Bless.

L ‘ inizio della fine dei fratelli musulmani. La loro sede al Cairo attaccata da manifestanti, i prossimi in Turchia. Ricordatevi chi l ha detto per primo. Passa parola. E’ ora di andare all attacco anche in Italia e ripristinare il meglio Della tradizione Giudeo-Cristiana.

CIA in Israel

CIA Chief Lands in Israel on Surprise Visit

CIA Director John Brennan arrived yesterday for a surprise visit to Israel, in the course of which he met with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yaalon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gantz. This is a visit stemming from the American fear of escalation in the region against the backdrop of Nasrallah’s threats to act against Israel in the Golan Heights and the American sense that Israel is disappointed by the ineffectuality of the Obama administration with regard to the ongoing deterioration in Syria. It is assessed that Brennan was sent to Israel to coordinate a joint policy between the two countries and prevent Israel from taking action on its own in Syria.
See also, “Ya’alon tells CIA chief Israel won’t tolerate Syria weapons transfer” (BICOM)

Russia Raises Stakes in Syria

Russia has sent a dozen or more warships to patrol waters near its naval base in Syria. The deployments come at a time of heightened tensions. U.S. officials said Thursday that another round of Israeli airstrikes could target a new transfer of advanced missiles, anti-ship weapons known as Yakhont missiles, in the near future. Israeli and Western intelligence services believe the missiles could be transferred to the militant Hezbollah group within days. U.S. officials also believe that in addition to the naval deployments, Russia is moving more quickly than previously thought to deliver S-300 surface-to-air defense systems to Syria.
See also, “Report: Russia sends advanced missiles to Syria, signaling commitment to Assad” (Ha’aretz)
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Ynet News

Israel Vanishing from Scotland Libraries

One of Scotland’s councils has just implemented a boycott of Israel after comparing the country to apartheid South Africa.
Scotland was one of the first places where Muslims built their mosques.
The Clackmannanshire Council declared it would resist all economic and political support for Israel in order to “end suffering in Palestine”. In Scotland, once known as the only European country which has no history of state persecution of Jews, a region is officially dedicated to the eradication of the Jewish State as a malevolent, “settler” and foreign entity.

Last year the Scottish University of Dundee banned water from Eden Springs on the campus, because – it claimed – “it steals water from the Salukia spring in the occupied Syrian Golan, where it is bottled in the illegal Israeli settlement of Katzrin”.
Islamists are PAYING big buck to those who favor anti-Israel sentiments.

Another Scottish provincial council near Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire, in 2011 probibited the purchase of English translations of Israeli books and the distribution of these books in public libraries throughout the council’s jurisdiction.
Like their Marxist friends , islamists favor young minds and use DISinformation (like the propaganda lies of the nazis) on a regular base.

One’s memory went back to the German spring of 1933, when students, professors and librarians worked on a list of “degenerate” Jewish books. The list included Stefan Zweig, Erich Maria Remarque, Thomas Mann and Heinrich Heine. In the largest event outside Berlin, 18,000 Jewish books were destroyed.
It is two years since the Dunbartonshire Council prohibition made the headlines. What is the current status of Israeli books in the Scottish libraries?

The Dunbartonshire decision marks the first time that a region in Europe has been cleansed of the presence of Israeli books. It does not matter what ideas are contained in these books, it is the bare fact of their origin which is enough for them to be banned. It seems that the shocking announcement worked.

Pass it on.